A thousand years old pine tree somewhere in Anatolia

F1000024I found this tree somewhere in the back country of Anatolia, Turkey. I suppose it is a pine tree and it is more than a thousand years old. It grows right below the ridge and you can see how the soil eroded more than a meter since the tree started to grow. It was a magical place, with amazing lights right before a thunderstorm passed over us.



This post comprises a number of unstructured landscape pictures I took in the last couple of years.

Kühtai, Tyrolian Alps

Carlos Blanchard-112

Driving down from the ski resort Küthai in early spring, Kühtai: Tyrolian Alps.  [Olympus Mju 35mm, Kodak Elite chrome 400]

Stubaier Glacier, Tyrolian Alps

Carlos Blanchard-173
Looking down into the Stubai Valley from Zückerhütl (3507), Stubai Valley: Tyrolina Alps. [Olympus Mju 35mm, Kodak Elite crome 400]

Piz Palü, Bernina Alps

Carlos Blanchard-202
Last ski tour of the season 2016 onto the Piz Palü (3901m), Bernina: Swizerland. [Olympus Mju 35mm, Kodak Elite crome 400]

Piz Cengalo, Bergell

Piz Cengalo (3369m) with the Spigolo Vinci in the foreground, Valle di Mello: Italy. [digi]

Grantenkogel, Tyrolian Alps

Skiing in Obergurgl, Ötztal and enjoying the view onto the Granatenkogel (3318m), Ötztal: Tyrolian Alps. [digi]

Inylchek Glacier, Tian Shan


Descending into the Inylchek Valley, Tian Shan: Kirgistan. [digi]

StreetARt sWEETart in Tibilisi, GeOrgia

It was in 2013 that I spent about two weeks in Georgia. Our main focus was on exploring ski touring possibilities in the Caucasus. On our way back we stranded for two additional days in Tbilisi because we booked our flight for the wrong month. Disappointed and still groggy from the nightlife we spent most of the day in our hostel.

In the afternoon I recovered with a lonesome walk through the city. I took my camera with me, but the light was bad and I thought that it would be impossible to take any good pictures. Equipped with my digicam and a hangover that set me in a condition of increased awareness for details, I discovered a vibrating and manifold streetart scene. Especially the stencils gave the otherwise gray streets a lively and friendly  feeling. Here are my four all time favorites.

“Boy with glasses” (Stencil) in Tbilisi, Georgia, Unkown Artist 


“Sad Lady”(Stancil) in Tbilisi, Georgia. Unkown Artist 


The first two stencils  where close to each other and I suppose that they are from the same artist. I have no evidence, but the feeling that the ‘sad lady’ could be the artist. I love it for the intense gaze, but I can not watch it to long because it makes me sad too. The first pic “Boy with glasses” is has a great texture, a comination of rusty iron and peeling lack.

“Blue Lady” (Stencil) in Tbilisi, Georgia. Unkown Artist 



“The Blue Lady” is a great combination of preparing the ground and combining different colors and techniques into a colorful piece of art. As with the two pics above, I think there is a clear evidence that they are from the same artist, but I found them a few blocks appart.

“Frank Zappa” (Stencil) in Tbilisi, Georgia. Unkown Artist 


Climbing in the infamous granite of Bregalia

Valdrec da l’Albigna

We started our trip in the Valdrec da l’Albigna and climbed a number of modern plaisire routes on the Spazzacaldera as well as some classical lines on the Biopfeiler and the Punta the l’Albigna.

svizzera 154 (1)
Me on top of Fiamma on Spazza Caldera (2383m) (Photographer: Andreas Mayr)

This pic is a super classic shot. I would say it is taken about 30 times every sunny day during the high season on Spazza Caldera. The difficulty is actually not the climbing itself. The route is rated 5c or 6a and only 15 meters long. The challenge is that you need three persons to take it. In our case, we were super lucky. The shot was taken from a super nice Italian girl that we met later while waiting for the cable car.


On top of Punta da l’Albigna (2893m)  looking towards Cima di Castello (3575m) (Photographer: Andreas Mayr)

Valle Porcellixxo

After a couple of days we moved on to the south side of the Bergell and approach the Refugio Gianetti (2534). To continue with our program of combining some classic lines with modern plaisire routes.

Approaching Spigolo Vinci (Punta Angela 3215m) (Photographer: Andreas Mayr)
Looking down from La Vecchia (2912m) after climbing Polident (6a, 5SL) (Photographer: Andreas Mayr)  



Warsaw in Black and White

This is a series of 5 pics I shot in Warsaw some years ago. The shots were taking with a Rollei 35 and a ISO400 Film. I loved the camera, but destroyed it right after taking that film.

Looking down from Stalin Sting
Inside University of Warsaw 
F1000003 - Arbeitskopie 2
Right on front of our appartment 
Looking down on a street