Climbing in the infamous granite of Bregalia

Valdrec da l’Albigna

We started our trip in the Valdrec da l’Albigna and climbed a number of modern plaisire routes on the Spazzacaldera as well as some classical lines on the Biopfeiler and the Punta the l’Albigna.

svizzera 154 (1)
Me on top of Fiamma on Spazza Caldera (2383m) (Photographer: Andreas Mayr)

This pic is a super classic shot. I would say it is taken about 30 times every sunny day during the high season on Spazza Caldera. The difficulty is actually not the climbing itself. The route is rated 5c or 6a and only 15 meters long. The challenge is that you need three persons to take it. In our case, we were super lucky. The shot was taken from a super nice Italian girl that we met later while waiting for the cable car.


On top of Punta da l’Albigna (2893m)  looking towards Cima di Castello (3575m) (Photographer: Andreas Mayr)

Valle Porcellixxo

After a couple of days we moved on to the south side of the Bergell and approach the Refugio Gianetti (2534). To continue with our program of combining some classic lines with modern plaisire routes.

Approaching Spigolo Vinci (Punta Angela 3215m) (Photographer: Andreas Mayr)
Looking down from La Vecchia (2912m) after climbing Polident (6a, 5SL) (Photographer: Andreas Mayr)