StreetARt sWEETart in Tibilisi, GeOrgia

It was in 2013 that I spent about two weeks in Georgia. Our main focus was on exploring ski touring possibilities in the Caucasus. On our way back we stranded for two additional days in Tbilisi because we booked our flight for the wrong month. Disappointed and still groggy from the nightlife we spent most of the day in our hostel.

In the afternoon I recovered with a lonesome walk through the city. I took my camera with me, but the light was bad and I thought that it would be impossible to take any good pictures. Equipped with my digicam and a hangover that set me in a condition of increased awareness for details, I discovered a vibrating and manifold streetart scene. Especially the stencils gave the otherwise gray streets a lively and friendly  feeling. Here are my four all time favorites.

“Boy with glasses” (Stencil) in Tbilisi, Georgia, Unkown Artist 


“Sad Lady”(Stancil) in Tbilisi, Georgia. Unkown Artist 


The first two stencils  where close to each other and I suppose that they are from the same artist. I have no evidence, but the feeling that the ‘sad lady’ could be the artist. I love it for the intense gaze, but I can not watch it to long because it makes me sad too. The first pic “Boy with glasses” is has a great texture, a comination of rusty iron and peeling lack.

“Blue Lady” (Stencil) in Tbilisi, Georgia. Unkown Artist 



“The Blue Lady” is a great combination of preparing the ground and combining different colors and techniques into a colorful piece of art. As with the two pics above, I think there is a clear evidence that they are from the same artist, but I found them a few blocks appart.

“Frank Zappa” (Stencil) in Tbilisi, Georgia. Unkown Artist